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Most students feel that in order to get a scholarship, they should have perfect grades or be a star of the school football team. But it’s not really like that. The Loyola University in Chicago has awarded prizes This scholarship is for students who are Catholic and have the name “Zolp”. “ The name shall be specified on the applicant’s birth certificate, as well as in the certificate of confirmation or on the certificate The “Little People of America” poem offers scholarships to students who are dwarves and part of Little People of America. Kids from dwarfs can also get scholarships. The range of scholarships is from $250 to $1,000 (sometimes even more) International Schlubs International Scholarship number of students is 1000. The deadline is 1 March 2019. In order to be eligible for participation, women candidates must be at least 5 ‘10 and men 6’ 2. The students must be under 21 years of age, and in the autumn, they must be college It also offers scholarships for high-level students in Central Arizona. That’s it Prizes at $250 a senior high school senior in central Arizona. To be eligible, students must be a member of the Central Azona Tall Society (C.A.T.S.) Chick and Sopha Major Memorial Duck Calling The scholarship awarded $2,000 to four young callers. The contest is part of the World’s Champion Duck Calling Contest in Arkansas. The contest is held on Friday, 23 November. Elegant ice pence The award of $1,000 to students who participated in the ice skating competition. The students must present pictures of their ice cowboys The national marbles tournament : Students who are “marble arrows” can participate in this tournament. One prize is a scholarship. This tournament is composed of more than 1,200 games in four days. To participate in this tournament, you must be the chosen champion from the local tournament. USBC Chuck Hall of Tomorrow ( Award of $6,000 to a male bowler. The student must be senior year or college student. The deadline is December 1, 2019. National Table Tennis Scholship Program will reward the incoming freshman students who play table tennis. The winners should compete for a table tennis club in the NCTTA In the United States, fencing offers out of $4000 to high school. Scholarships are awarded to students according to their GPA and American Water Ski Educational Foundation Awardees from 1,500 to six students. Students should be in their course, in the junior year or in the senior year, and in the active element “USA Water Sky” Lambert and Aneat van Valkenburg, Memorial Scholarship Complex $1,000 orders. Any person who is a descendant through the birth or legal adoption of Lambert and Annetje Van Walkenburg has the right to do so. Scholarship. To win, students must make the best of Duck Brand Duct Tape. Each of the winners in the category “Dress” and “Tux” receive a $10,000 award. There are eight prize prizes for $100 The zombie apocalypse asks students to plan what they would have done had the apocalypse. It’s a great scholarship for creative students. That’s $2,000 prize money. The Fellowship of the Month of the Month will reward the students of $1,500. Students should write an essay about the flavor of the ice cream, how they should be, and why. It will award one student “Hit the Books Scholarship” for $500. The students have to Frederick and Mary F. The coupon of Beck Levi $1,500 for lefty students. Scholarship awarded to employees, juniors or pensioners attending Juniata College. As you can see, there’s a lot of weird scholarships. Those scholarships were awarded all kinds of things. So you’re going to invest your time in finding your scholarship because you can actually win some money